What can I do?

Prepare Yourself:

You can keep yourself and others safe by taking minimum efforts to control the spread of virus. Read and share this List of Viral Control Measures For Students.

As students, many of us spend most of the year living away from home. In the event of a severe pandemic, schools with be closed and transportation will become difficult. For these reasons, every student should make an evacuation plan and discuss it with his or her family. There are many ideas on how to build your plan if you are in this situation.

Say informed by joining the Students Prep America Twitter Feed.

Prepare Your Family:

During a pandemic, you may need/want to stay in your home for an extended period of time. In a severe pandemic, the government may enforce mandatory quarantines (Microsoft PowerPoint required). Additionally, extended worker absenteeism worldwide could result in shortages in every sector. For these reasons, families should store 2-3 months (the expected length of a pandemic flu wave) of food, water and medicine for every person in the home. This and more is explained in detail at GetPandemicReady.org.

Alternate Communication: Convey the message to family and friends.

When choosing home preparation products, explore your options. These links will help you get started: Home Preparation References.

Prepare Your Community:

The best way to prepare your community for a flu pandemic is to prepare your own family and friends. The more people who are prepared, the more possible it will be for authorities to help those in need. After that, you can contact your local government, business, and community leaders to find out how they are preparing and what you can do to help.

Lack of information about pandemic influenza is the largest obstacle to community preparation and response. Inform as many people as you can with this useful power point presenation on the H1N1(A) pandemic and home preparation from KathyRN at the Pandemic Flu Information Forum.

Prepare Your Nation:

Like most communities, our federal government is not doing enough to prepare for this national security threat. Please contact your Congressmen and Senators to demand their leadership in preparing for and responding to the 2009 H1N1(A) Influenza Pandemic.

More Petitions are coming soon!
See what your Government is doing now to get the message out.

  • One-stop access to U.S. Government avian and pandemic flu information: http://Flu.gov/
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